The Story of Whisbear

Julia Sielicka and Zuzia Sielicka are sisters and mothers (with six children between them!) and the story of Whisbear was written by life. Their children had a really tough time falling asleep and it turned out that hairdryer’s noise was the most effecting soothing method. However, they needed something easier to use and they dreamed to share our solution with other parents.

Julia Sielicka and Zuzia Sielicka are sisters and mothers (with six children between them!) and the story of Whisbear was written by life.

They wanted to offer help to the parents just starting their parenting journey. They also wanted our Humming Bear to be unique not only in the terms of quality but also design. That is why the casing of our humming device was designed by Jula’s husband – Edwin, and the multifunction toy was designed by Maria Czapska, a student of the Academy of Arts in Warsaw.
The bear’s appearance was inspired by children’s first drawings: a head that sprouts legs, so “headbears!” Our toys are not typical cuddly bears, their unique shape supports baby’s sensory development.

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In 2014 it was sold the first, Polish, Whisbear the Humming Bear. Two years later they had sold thousands of humming bears in Poland and across the world and received a dozen international awards. However, they weren’t done! They decided that the sleep-deprived, lost, exhausted parents needed even more support,

We started to work on E-zzy the Sloth with a companion app. It started with a few sketches of the app’s screen (Jula) and the toy (Maria Czapska) and a million sketches of the device’s casing (Michał Korsun). Eventually, in 2018 E-zzy conquered both tech-expos and your babies’ rooms!

However, it soon turned out that our great customers, although in love with both Whisbear and E-zzy, needed an even smarter humming solution, something useful during walks or when traveling. So, in 2019 we introduced the Humming Fox and the Humming Bunny, designed by Jula, the perfect mobile solutions, able to hang in your prams. Fun fact: the Fox’s first sketches were made during a flight, on a tissue given out by flight attendants.

Finally, our beauties: the long-eared Humming Bunny and hooded Humming Bear. They’re the result of the hard and intensive all-out work of our international Whisbear team. Cuddly toys for children that stay with them for years. Recommended by the Mother and Child Institute. A perfect gift for a newborn child. The prettiest!

But wait… we have a million new ideas that should keep us busy for the next five years! And although sometimes things are tough and we’re thinking of giving up and escaping to a hut in the mountains (Jula) or to Maledives (Zuzia), there is something that constantly motivates us and keeps us going… You! Our kindest, best-in-the-world fans of Whisbear! Thank you for your continuous support and presence! Thanks to you we keep going and see the purpose of our work. Because we work to help and support you – our dear parents!

Julia Sielicka and Zuzia Sielicka, Founders and owners of Whisbear®

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Who is the distributor of Whisbear!

Manderina shpk a marketing company registered with NUIS L41810019J, with office in Tirana is the exclusive distributor of Whisbear in Albania, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia.

We could have chosen among thousands of projects to trade, but being parents ourselves, we are happy to offer Whisbear to our region. This is because it is a very friendly product for babies and young parents, and healthier alternative than mobile phones and video games, which unfortunately are offered to children extensively from most parents to assist them to feed to sleep, or to keep them quiet in order to create sometime for themselves.

Manderina shpk is an Albanian company made of professionals highly educated and with long experience in marketing and e-commerce. Our company has helped many businesses in raising their online images, through optimizing all sales channels and offering them a successful online presence. For more info, please visit: 

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