Sleepy Baby Rabbit (cream) with Accessories (set3)


The complete set of essential accessories for the baby along with our humming sleep aids. Humming Bunny with the CRYsensor function calms and puts the baby to sleep. The compact soother with a functional clip is perfect solution for a walk or trip. The comfort blanket  – perfectly complement the baby’s layette.

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A device inside the toy produces the pink noise, which reminds the baby the friendly sounds they heard in the womb. The pink noise is the most effective and the safest for your child. The device is safely and securely installed inside the toy.

The Humming Bunny is made of soft, top-quality material that has been thoroughly tested in toy-testing laboratories. The patterned textiles making the Bunny’s long ears have been designed for the Whisbear brand. We decorated a leg with an ornate, golden embroidery in the shape of heart, with Whisbear logo. Thanks to the magnets safely sewn into the paws, the toy can be attached to most beds or to pram’s bar.

Safety warranty
Whisbear products were the first humming toys in Poland and received the official approval of Instytut Matki i Dziecka for children with problems with falling asleep. The Institute verifies products for general, health and developmental safety.

Lab tests
Whisbear toys and devices are tested and certified according to safety standards for different world markets, including Europe and the USA. Tests are conducted on an ongoing basis in certification bodies: TÜV Rheinland, CTT, J.S.Hamilton, UL Underwriters Laboratories, Instytut Łączności and Komag.

The humming toys were created by two Polish mothers: Julia Sielicka and Zuzia Sielicka. They help parents soothe babies to sleep, so they’re a top choice for layette gifts.

Easy to clean
Wash only after removing the pink noise device.

The device requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. For safety precautions the batteries are not included.


  • Sleepy Baby Rabbit Cream 10 x 25 cm
  • Pink noise device: 7×2.3 cm

Bunny – Comfort Blanket (Cream) 

Bunny – Comfort Blanket (Cream)  is the baby’s first companion and the ultimate way to keep them wrapped and warm. By absorbing the scent of a parent, it always makes the child feel safe.

The comfort blanket made of safe and certified materials is both a cozy blanket and cute cuddly toy.

Black and white stripes on the inner fabric support baby’s sensory development. Thanks to tied knots you can easily attach the favorite dummy or teether. which makes the product multifunctional. The comfort blanket accompanies you at home and on the go. The parent’s scent on the blanket increases the baby’s sense of security, wherever they are.

TIP: Hold the comfort blanket close to your body so that it absorbs your scent. The child, then feeling your smell on the blanket, will have an extra feeling of security during your absence.

You can wash the comfort blanket in the washing machine.


    • 31 x 23.5 x 6 cm (ear length 10cm)
    • Weight: 0.01 kg
    • Product with packaging: 36 x 8 x 6 cm

Humming Bunny with a functional clip

Our Humming Bunny in a travel version is a clever, handy sleep aid designed to safely accompany babies from the first days of life. Because of its small size and functional clip, you can take it with you on every trip. You can easily hang it on the pram or car seat, giving your baby a healthy nap wherever you are. Whisbear products have passed the toy safety tests and are suitable for children from the first day of life. Such a friend will stay with them you for years to come! The sound device placed inside the toy, emits a safe pink noise for 40 minutes. The noise reminds the baby of friendly sounds heard in the mum’s womb and makes it easier for her to fall asleep. Thanks to the “Soft Start/Soft Stop” function, pink noise gently and gradually turns on and off. The noise volume can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs. We have full confidence in Whisbear’s top quality, therefore we offer a lifetime guarantee. Simply register the product at

  • After removing the soundbox, the toy can be washed. Due to the clip, it is recommended to hand wash it only.
  • Three AAA batteries are needed to operate the sleep aid. Batteries are not included with the purchased product
  • Please read the instructions before use.


  • Toy: 13 x 8 x 2.5 cm
  • Ribbon with clip: 15.5 cm
  • Soundbox: 7 x 2.3 cm
  • Packaging: 23 x 17.5 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 0.175 kg

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