How do humming toys work?

A device inside Whisbear toys produces the safe pink noise, which reminds the baby of the friendly sounds they heard in the womb. Thanks to the noise, the baby relaxes and calms down.

What are white noise and pink noise?

White noise and pink noise are very similar to what babies hear in their mom’s womb. Natural noises similar pink noises are the steady rain fall and heartbeats. It may come as a surprise to many of us that there is a constant commotion within the human body; the same goes for the court. As you might guess, because of this, newborns do not feel very safe in complete silence. A steady sound and especially pink noise can help a newborn and small baby calm down. Pink noise reminds babies of a peaceful life in the womb. It also helps to mask the disturbing sounds in the environment that can wake a baby.

Can Whisbear help my ten-month old baby?

Every baby is different and so it is difficult to predict a baby’s preferences. However, we have received a lot of positive feedback from parents of older babies – they have said that Whisbear has been a great help to a child’s sleep problems. Also keep in mind that if white noise has helped your baby in the past, there is a good chance that it will help now as well.

If you’re unsure if Whisbear would help your child, try homemade white noise first:
Turn on the cooker hood, washing machine or hair dryer. Does your baby calm down? Does running water make your baby sleepy? Does your baby feel comfortable in the car?

If your answer is yes, Whisbear can definitely be of help to your baby!

At what age can a baby be given Whisbear?

You can give Whisbear to your baby as soon as he is born. Whisbear is a popular baby shower gift and is often given as a gift already in the hospital

Is Whisbear a safe dream buddy?

Absolutely. Top-notch experts have “composed” the noise of the audio device, after which thousands of babies have tested it. The type, frequency and tone of the sound is pleasant, soothing and safe for the little ears. We use high quality, environmentally friendly and safe materials. As proof of this, we have an Ökotex certificate. The bear filling is non-allergenic.

It is our great pride that the Polish Institute of Mothers and Children recommends Whisbear. We also have TÜV’s international safety certificate, which guarantees the quality of our production process. Several German and Polish hospitals use Whisbear to calm their small patients.

How to use noise-generating equipment safely?

Pink noise can be soothing for crying and a baby who is feeling stressful for some reason. Pink noise can also help adults sleep better when their sleep rhythm is disturbed.

When using a teddy bear, remember the following instructions and rules:

  1. The volume of the noise should not exceed 50dB, which is the same as the sound of heavy rain or shower.
  2. The audio device should not be placed directly in the baby’s ear and should be at least a few tens of centimeters away.
  3. Pink noise should be used for a maximum of eight hours a day

What is Whisbear made of?

The Bear is made of soft and OEKO-TEX® attested fabrics. The stuffing used is Hypoallergenic.

Can the shushing mechanism be removed from my Whisbear?

Yes, the shushing device is removable.

PLEASE NOTE: the device is not a toy and can not be given to a baby or a child. Children should only play with Whisbear when the device has been safely removed.

How do I operate the device?

You will need 3 AAA batteries to operate the device. The battery compartment cover screw is inside the battery compartment. To open the compartment gently elevate the cover with a small screwdriver and remove the screw from inside. Place the batteries inside, put the cover back and tighten the screw

Are the batteries included?

For safety reasons Whisbear is sold without batteries

How do the Whisbear equipment work?

You have a video showing how Whisbear equipment work in this link:

Also a User manual link for Whisbear is here

and for Ezzy The Slooth is here 

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can pay in cash at Easypay shops after you have received a code generate by your online order and paired that code in your EasyPay app.

What is the period of warranty you offer?

Whisbear offers 6 months warrantee for its products.

Which document serves as guarantee?

Invoice will serve as guarantee for the customer, showing the date when the product is bought, and should be kept for 6 months that the guarantee is valid.



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